Poker vs. Video Poker

Poker and Video Poker may sound similar, but they are actually hugely different. They both involve cards and hands, but that’s about where the similarities end.


Poker can be in person or online, but always involves a group of people. There are a variety of different poker games, but they all share similar hand rankings and betting rules. The differences revolve around things like how the cards are dealt, how players form hands, what the bet limit is and how many betting rounds there are. In some games, there is only one winner, the person with the highest hand, while in other varieties the winnings are split between the highest and lowest hands. Generally, the game begins with a kind of forced bet, after which the betting continues to the left of the dealer. Each player must either fold or match the maximum bet. Any player can also raise the bet, increasing its value. At the end, everyone shows their hands.

Video Poker

The most obvious difference between poker and video poker is that poker is played with real opponents, whether in person or online, and video poker is played against a machine. In addition, video poker does not require poker know-how in order to do well: the winning poker hands are posted on the side of the machine. Video poker games are also often compared to online pokies real money NZ games, as they are similar to slots in the fast pace in which they unfold.

To play, you first insert money, then press a button that automatically draws cards. At this point, you can keep or get rid of 1+ cards, and the number you discard gets replaced. And this is basically it: if your hand matches one of the machine’s winning hands, you get a payout, and if it doesn’t, you don’t. The amount of the payout depends on how rare the hand is. So you can see how so much of the complexity and skill of poker is lost in video poker. Some video poker machines also offer an additional layer of excitement: a progressive jackpot when the player hits a royal flush.

Video Poker vs. Slots

In some ways, playing video poker is more like playing slots than playing poker. You play primarily by pressing a button, and it’s luck based rather than skill based. In addition, the amount of money deposited tends to be a lot less than in real poker games. Or at least, with poker games between people, they decide the size of the pot. If you like slots but you want to try something a little different, maybe video poker is for you.

Both Can Be Fun

Poker and video poker can both be fun, in totally different ways. Video poker is a quick and inexpensive way to have some fun. It’s a great way to kill a couple of minutes. And if you like poker, it might be the right type of instant win game for you. On the other hand, poker is a whole evening’s experience. It’s all about skill, knowledge and keeping it cool. Tension is high and it can be quite a stressful experience. Many would say nothing beats the atmosphere of real poker, while others just don’t enjoy that kind of stress. And remember, there’s no bluffing in video poker – you can’t fool a machine!