Top Reasons Why People Love Video Poker

Video poker games deliver a cross between entertaining, easy-to-play slots machines and the excitement of 5-card draw poker, and the result is definitely a winning combination. However, unlike the case with traditional slots machines, in video poker games your knowledge of the rules of poker can make a difference to the outcome. You are able to control the cards that you have been dealt, and the winning combinations you make will ensure better payouts. The main reason that people play video poker games, however, remains that they are simply fun.

A Good Range of Variant Online

All the excitement of online slots combined with the skill levels of traditional poker games delivered in one package sounds like excellent entertainment because that is exactly what it is, and there is a range of different variants of the game for you to choose from, too. All of the best-known casino software game developers in the world have an excellent array of these games available for play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can always expect to enjoy something new if you are a fan of fresh experiences. Jacks or Better is the most popular variant, but there are more than 40 others, including Deuces Wild, Double Bonus Poker and Aces and Faces.

The Convenience Factor of Video Poker

Another great plus to enjoying video poker games online is the sheer convenience of doing so.

Not only will you not need to dress up and commute to a land-based place to play in order to have some fun and win some money, Canadian mobile casino sites make it possible for you to make up a hand from wherever you happen to be.

Video poker is a top choice for players all around the world as it also plays out quickly, and with only 2 draws you can enjoy a game on the go, eve when pressed for time. It’s the perfect poker fix thats fast.

No Crowds, No Hassle, No Fuss

When you enjoy a game of video poker on your smartphone, tablet or desktop you will be able to take advantage of all of the benefits of the game f, and will not have to handle any of the downsides of land-based play. No one will be hovering around you, waiting for you to finish your game, and, thanks to the fact that there is no limit to the space a virtual casino can take up, you will have far more games to choose from, too. No waiting lines, no expensive food and beverages –just you, and the video poker game that takes your fancy.

The Thrill of Skills Based Play

Many people select video poker games because of the additional skill they require, and the fact that they are able to make use of their talents without having to handle the extraordinary levels of stress traditional table poker games can sometimes deliver.

In video poker games, you are not required to move and discard your cards as rapidly as standard poker games may require –you are able to play the game at your own speed, taking as much time as you like to decide what to do with the hand that you have been dealt.

The incredible prizes are also a big factor,as is the low house edge, and payouts can reach enormous proportions, especially if you are playing a video poker game with a progressive jackpot.