Understanding Blackjack Insurance Strategy

Blackjack is one of the famous online casino games and it does have many strategies that the players can explore. One of these strategies is the blackjack insurance strategy. When you play online blackjack, if the dealer gets a faced up ace card then insurance is offered to every player by the dealer. The basic gist of offering insurance or taking up insurance is that you are betting that the dealer has blackjack. In case you wish to have insurance then you have to play half of your bed for it on the table and if it happens that the dealer makes a blackjack then you receive 2:1 on your insurance bet. In case the dealer does not have a blackjack then you lose your entire insurance bet.

When the dealer gets an ace in their  hand then the casino dealer generally ask ‘insurance open’ and then say ‘insurance closed’ and within that time period the players have to make up their mind if they wish to go for insurance or not. So this is the basic idea about blackjack insurance.  Now let's talk about the profit or loss concerned with blackjack insurance strategy. If you take advice from any blackjack expert then they will tell you that blackjack insurance strategy is simply a waste of money and you must never apply blackjack insurance strategy. There are several reasons for this.

First of all, if we rationally consider then there are 9 cards that do not make blackjack for the dealer and there are only 4 cards that can make blackjack. According to these statistics, the player is bound to lose money over time if they go for blackjack insurance strategy. The odds of dealers making blackjack are less statistically.  The house edge on insurance for one deck is 5.882% and for six decks are 7.395 % and as the number of decks increases so does the house edge.

Another thing that the blackjack players must understand is that they must never confuse the term insurance. Here it does not mean protection of their own hands in the game. Here this term is simply a wager on the dealer having a blackjack.  You may want to know that the odds are 9:4 of having a blackjack in their hand if they have a faced up ace card.  for example, lets say you make $5  insurance bet  over 130 times then according to 9:4 odds, you will win your bet  40 times which will be $400 whereas you will lose 90 times and that will amount to $450 of total loss. Mathematically you can see that you are losing $50 on the whole and this is why blackjack insurance strategy leaves you with more losses then any gains.