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The most valuable thing a poker player, which determines your level of intelligence to the game is the ability to have a complex thought, evaluating different types of information at once, and coming to a logical conclusion. Moreover, should consider different levels to reach this logical conclusion.

The main reason for developing this type of reasoning is awareness and motivation . In this it is similar to other activities: there is to be a brilliant mind to have a great career, enough to have enough motivation. Motivation, in the case of poker, has several steps: the first is wanting to play poker more than anything else, the second is wanting to be a great poker player.

Who will become great players will be those able to perceive details, receive a certain amount of information (sometimes even incomplete and / or contradictory), and process all to derive the best possible action to take. Intelligence is about understanding a situation and act in the best way possible under the circumstances. Handle situations, and they handled us us. This applies to all aspects of life.

In poker, knowing what to do is as important as knowing how. And this is part of knowing how to use the elements at our disposal. Herein lies the difference between smart poker player and what is not. Here are a few traps that fall most Texas Hold'em players. We hope that after reading these tips do not do the same and so save money.

Playing too many letters, often at the wrong time, is the greatest mistake that can be committed Hold'em players are losing the game. The opposite would be able to play good cards and weaker hands when the game pot position and directed.