Hi Low Poker Game

People play poker for different reasons. There are people who play because it is fashionable, there are people playing because he enjoys, there are people playing it seeks a way to make money (lots of money). There are also people who play poker for several reasons simultaneously.

The reality is that winning poker is about making money. Not having in Mensal stacks in front of us in one hand, and win some tournaments, play in high stakes tables. Winning at poker is to win more money than we have ventured into the table. If we want to play winning poker, that's all that really matters. Playing in a mathematical way, so that the benefits outweigh the risks. As in any business venture.

Many players play ostensibly to make money, but what they really want is to satisfy his ego . Obviously, confidence in ourselves is essential in poker, vital part of our game, but it is not excessive ego.

Knowing what motivates our opponents to play poker can be useful for our strategy . But we need to be clearer still what drives us to play poker. The ego distracts us and does not help in the game. On the contrary, leads to mistakes like playing above our bankroll, or continue playing even when we are in a bad streak, or we insist on winning a hand that is lost from the start.

It is important to focus on the main reason for which we should play poker, plus fun: make money. And the money is earned with smart play , not much ego. Suppose you bet, the player to your left you can see (match the bet), 'up' (add more) or 'pass' (leave the game). This betting order continues in the direction of clockwise. When you get the bet again, assuming they have upped the ante, have the same options as the other players, upload, view or pass. The round ends when all players of the game and the bet is not up. A round can also be, in exceptional circumstances, "seen by all", if nobody puts more money.