How To Play Online Roulette

Online roulette is gaining in popularity and this has partly to do with the luck factor and simple rules. Moreover, it is a very exciting game. In online roulette you have 36 boxes with numbers plus one or two zeros. You can choose from different bets, such as bets on a number, a color, or a combination of numbers. Then we have to wait on what number the roulette ball will land. The payout percentages are always determined beforehand.

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You win the jackpot if there are 10 boxes drawn in the shape of a J, the current jackpot position right of the screen. The level of the jackpot is dependent on the application. With a 1 euro bet you will receive 20% of the jackpot, two euro bet 40%, 3 euro 60%, 4% and 80 euros with a bet of € 5 per game day you receive the full jackpot amount.

No is not a real casino, we only offer the games of online casinos clearly on our website. In addition, we provide a detailed explanation of each game so you can play. To your heart If you click on the banner that after three minutes of online casino games is visible then you are redirected to a real casino where you can.