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Check the players "sit out" numerous times, players at  who are registered to a free roll not appear at the time of the start of the tournament and his status in the tournament will be absent. These players will see their play passes and blinds will slowly spread by other active players. If we control at all times the number of players "sit out" left in the tournament and the average stack, we know if we are close to reach the area of awards.

Playing position : in free rolls, the position is very important as the reactions of our opponents are more unpredictable than in a tournament registration fee. In top positions should only play with good cards as usual in these tournaments is that the ups and re-raises are very common.

If your game is already good and free spins used to increase our bankroll we should keep in mind that awards free rolls are not very high for what we want to get the closer to the top spot better. So we can choose an aggressive strategy from the middle of the tournament, especially with hands like AK because in this kind of tournaments is much easier than we are against opponents that we pay with hands that clearly will dominate.

The image is not as important : our image in a free roll is not as important as most of our competitors do not observe our behavior. We do we can take note of the most aggressive players as they will be candidates to pay our strong plays with mediocre hands. Play with discipline and seriousness at if we play good hands judiciously selecting and watching our rivals we have a great advantage over most of our competitors that because they had not paid anything for the tournament, likely to play more cheerful and not mind played with plays half his stack. Patience in this kind of tournaments is an essential element to ensure success.