Omaha Poker

The Pai Gow is a form of poker that is played, usually in online casinos. The objective of Pai Gow is to form a 5 card hand and a 2 card, with the 7 letters we receive. The 5-card hand must have a higher value than the 2 card hand. And it has to be better than the hand of 5 cards of the dealer to win. The same applies to the 2-card hand.

Usually, the value of the hands is the same as traditional poker , but may vary in some casinos. The best two-card hand is a pair we can build AA, and the worst is 2-3. As includes wildcard, you can use it to complete only certain hands: straight, flush, or straight flush. The dealer's hand is organized according to the rules of the casino, and after you've armed your two hands.

In some online casinos have the opportunity to play as well as delivery. This is the best strategy we can apply in Pai Gow, as the dealer takes 5% of each hand played, regardless of the outcome. And the hands that result in a tie, always favor the dealer.

The probability of a tie is high: 41.48%, and the probability that the player wins in both hands, is 28.61%, while there is a 29.91% chance it is the dealer who wins both hands. We can only choose to play as a delivery if we played in the previous hand. And we must be able to cover all the bets that are made on the table.

Like I said, there are rules about how accurate the dealer must order the letters received to form two hands. Many players argue that, applying the same rules to your hands, manage to have the same advantage as the dealer.