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Whenever we have a medium pair and one high, will the average torque on the front hand and high torque at the rear. Whenever we have a pair of aces and any other pair, the pair of aces is the highest hand and the other pair, whatever, to the low hand. Should we have 3 pairs, the highest is in the hand of 2 cards, and the other two in the hand of 5 cards.

If we have a trio, unless they are aces, will two of the cards in your hand back and forth. And if we had two trios, the lowest leaves behind, and the higher one goes on. These are just some strategies for playing Pai Gow.

There are other tips for each of the possible hands that we can receive. If you want to better understand the strategies of Pai Gow, you can practice playing poker for free , until you erase any doubts about the best way to assemble your hands.

The Poker belongs to a class of card games called "Games Competition", in which players compete to win the prize by "bluff" (deception or bluffing) ie, achieving a good combination of letters, which may or may not be disclosed to opponents during the game. That detail in the Rules Poker has not changed, like the played in online casinos. Throughout history, poker and many other games were categorized into the above description, and so determined its relative proximity to other card games.

Even today, the history of poker remains a mystery. There are scholars who believe that the name comes from the "pique" which in turn derives from the German "pooches" which means "beat, beat." However, nobody can be sure if the game evolved from "pique" or other card games.