Poker Cards

The poker was introduced into society thanks to General Scheck, commissioner of the U.S. in Great Britain. Scheck taught his hosts the "peculiar Games" and soon excelled in the high society of from there went by, year after year, to the lower classes of the city. Soon after, it spread to other parts of Britain.

The game's popularity continued to grow throughout the twentieth century, especially in America where they formed the first poker tournaments. The first tournament played in the U.S. prestige. UU. was Mondale's Series of Poker, which at first caused great commotion, yet, over the years 80, the tournament gained increasing fame and poker players from all over the country come to fight for the first place.

With the incredible growth in the popularity of poker came from Poker industry - books, articles, newsletters and manuals. Poker Rules spread like mushrooms everywhere. Each player considered respectable could write your own articles about poker and that's how the poker business grew in all spheres of society.

In the 90s, the Poker suffered another stimulus, this time by the technology. From the earliest days of the Internet, Poker players enjoyed several resources offered by the network, but only at the end of the twentieth century poker rooms and online casinos emerged and suggested players the option to play online for real money .

The History of Poker continued to unbutton along the nineteenth century when the community card games were played during the 20s and 30s. In addition to the spread of poker in America, the soldiers brought the game to local as far away as Asia and the Pacific as well as other parts of the world.