Poker Glossary

Today we will talk a little about as forced wagers are the blinds in poker . Especially also clarify that this article is rather aimed at novices who are just starting to play poker. In Poker Texas Hold'em , there is a symbol that is called button or dealer or dealer, you can call the three forms and they mean the same. It is the button that defines the position of the dealer and turn defines where the blinds are located (Big Blind and Small Blind).

Just before to start a new game, the player who is sitting immediately after the button, and always in the direction of clockwise, must make a forced bet, and this amount is that which corresponds to the position of the Small Blind or SB.

Then follows another bet also forced the player directly to the left of the above, also in the sense of clockwise, and that is just the small blind bet, the other player with the big blind bet or BB. Blind values are a function of the game that have chosen as regards its structure. The big blind is just double the small blind.

In Texas Hold'em , we have entered a tournament where the blind structure starts with 10/20, well, this tells
us that 10 is the amount that we must put our letters without seeing and is referring to the small blind and 20 the amount corresponding to the Big Blind. When we play poker, we must keep in mind that the blinds will vary according to the betting limits and structure with that play.

When we play No Limit Texas Hold'em , in this case the big blind is equal to the small bet and the small blind is half the big blind. However vary depending on the bet limits. For example, in a limit game of two quarters, the small blind would be $ 1.00 and the big blind of $ 2.00.