Poker Guide

And also in relation to the structure of the game you have chosen, it is likely to be required to wager a "before". It is another type of forced bet must pay all players at the table after a certain time according to the structure of the tournament. This bet must, is designed to make a long long time the tournament.

The games listed above have in common that you have to get the best poker hand of five cards to win. Another thing in common is the method of betting, as it follows the same pattern of bets, see or move and the player will win if everyone passes and the player still wants to bet.

Texas holdem Betting begins before any cards are dealt to the player who is to the right of the dealer, you have to make a first bet without seeing the cards, this bet called the small blind, the right person will have to bend your the bet and this is the big blind.

Is dealt two cards face down to each player and then looking at the cards must choose between playing the cost of the big blind or let free. These cards are called own hands. After three cards are placed face up in the center of the table.

These are known as flop later draw another card face up called the turn and then a fifth card, called the river. The five face-up cards are community cards and available to all players. The bet is on stage, after the hand is dealt after the flop, after the turn and after the river. Bets can be increased, or see. The betting round is complete when all players have seen or abandoned. The winner is known according to who has the best five cards from among all those available for each player, ie between the two pocket and the five community cards. A player may use one or two letters of their own to make your hand of five.