Stud Poker

The blinds are mandatory bets that must put the players at every turn. The tournament structure is given by the conjunction of these two variables, namely the relationship between the number of points and duration levels. greater the number of chips and longer levels are tournaments " deep stack "players have greater depth in his stack to play poker.

They may make more bets, raises and re-raises, without play the tournament with the first decent hand. Conversely, how much lower the number of starting chips and levels rise more quickly, be more turbo tournaments. In these tournaments, the players can not wait for them to reach the best hands (AA, KOKI, AQUA, AK) and not so common to see ups and re-raise from a certain blind level.

Another important parameter for the structure of a poker tournament is announced every few levels the blinds fold. Not the same, a tournament A, where you start with blinds 10/20 (10 small blind, big blind 20), then 20/40, 40/80, 80/160, a tournament B, where the first level is 10/20, the second 20/30 then 30/40, 40/60, 60/80 ... We will post every few levels approximate blinds fold.

A tournament as the tournament where the blinds to fold each level is a turbo tournament. In contrast, in the B tournament, the blinds double every 2 levels. Professional players prefer a structure " deep stack "as surely as random minor influence and can play more number of hands. In tournaments " turbo "when the blinds are important, the luck component is vital.

In rooms like Poker Stars, the player can choose from a wide variety of tournaments, with different structures, are advised to consult the "Tournament Lobby" where it appears all information relating to the tournament