Texas Holdem Poker

Initial number of tokens, number of players per table, length of levels, the value of the blinds and antes (the ante is a forced bet made by each player in each hand from a certain level of the tournament) and also the pay table (there are tournaments where only charge 10% of the players, others 20%,). All information about the tournament structure we have to be very useful to adapt our game in every situation the same.

Very few players are able to maintain a "poker face" on the table, that is, play the game without expressing any emotion body. In social games is not quite correct to stay all the time without opening his mouth. Part of the fun lies in the stage game, even in poker games with the highest stakes players who find "tease" each other. It is absolutely permissible for a player does or says something to hide their true intentions in the game and confuse his opponents, always scrupulously observe rules.

Those players consider the game as a test of their manhood, react wildly before a "bad beat" (a player gets a " bad beat " when having a play ends up losing against a hand that was much weaker and flirting a letter miraculous. All players have stories of "bad beats suffer "bad beats" in the hands unexpectedly miss having a high expectation of victory's stories "bad beats" are regular topic in the forums of poker). By making a strong bet you pronounce phrases like "let's see where the brave", or when a losing player after losing all night, it carries a very poor hand saying, "I've finally retaliated."

Good players will never have trouble sleeping, so that ultimately always best to keep a "poker face" . Losers always complain about their bad luck, but never amend their errors. If you are one of those who think that is not quite right to earn money from your friends, believes that there is something even worse: your friends will earn you!