Video Poker

The Video Poker is a classic casino game. You can also practice room online at online casino such as It is a very popular game. This popularity is due possibly you can earn a lot of money with a small bet. Arguably, this game is halfway between the typical and traditional poker slot "5 card draw".

Learn here how to play video poker, its various forms, and even differentiate between a machine that pays less than one that returns about 99% of the prize fund. It is not purely a game of chance, but a game that requires certain skills.

The introduction to video poker, as its name implies, is to learn the basics of this game. We will see roughly how you play, what it is and what are the main rules. In short you'll here everything you need to start playing, but if you dig a little about this game, we recommend reading the following articles.

If in the previous article we explained roughly where the game is, here we see the rules of video poker . We tell you all the steps you have to follow, and we will place particular emphasis on the discard phase, as it is this point that will require some skill to mold a little luck. Definitely try to keep awake the little tricks that can hide this game so that you can maximize your chances of winning.

After discovering that among the forms of video poker game highlights the "Jacks or better", we will see the rest of modalities that can be found in a casino or online casino. Discover that the different modes depend on how you pay the various combinations of letters. Depending on the machine will be awarded some combinations more than others, all machines winning combinations are reflected in the payout table.