Online Poker

The Composite Clay poker chips, are a mixture of plastic and clay and have a metal graft which increases weight and becomes softer touch feel. Which varies the price is the proportion of clay in comparison with the plastic and metal. These sheets are very strong and generally weigh between 9 and 11.5 grams. The most common are the "say" or "suited" which has an excellent price - quality. For the male ton for 35 euros in stores poker .

The poker chips Clay (Clay), are much less slippery and a little heavier than the composite (weighing from 9-13 grams). These clay poker chips are much nicer to touch and hearing at They are professional poker chips. Now, there are two types of clay chips, the injected and molded.

The injected clay chips have are to touch and great ear. As the composite, are also washable and very solid. If the price is 75 euros the 300 chips. The molded clay chips are made of pure clay molded and sound and touch are really exceptional. However, they are neither strong and washable. They are to keep for special occasions. They are in this range the famous Paulson . Generally are sold each and its price is 1 euro tab.

All rooms online poker offer tournaments to its users. Many have great prizes, very tempting, of course, but not all are for any level of play. If we want to start playing online poker tournaments, we must first inform us about the characteristics of the tournament in order to decide whether it suits our style and level of play. Also keep in mind our goal if we are beginners, we want to begin forming our bankroll. If we average or advanced players, you want to move up and level up. For beginners, the best are the tournaments with low limit tables , which will handle few chips and a bounded stack, and practice our game no intentions of winning huge sums. Also do not play too many hands because they are usually very fast.